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Maybe you have heard or read about blockchain in the news, or from your company if they are implementing a blockchain project. You might have heard about cryptocurrencies, mining, or ICOs and wondered what they mean.

Organisations from MAS to Microsoft are launching various blockchain projects, and this seemingly cryptic technology looks to be as many describes, a growing tsunami in the tech world. Reports such as World Economic Forums’, predicts that 10% of global GDP will be stored on blockchain-related technology by 2025.

What is blockchain and why is the world getting so excited about it? What does this mean for you and what are the ways in which your industry might change with blockchain technology? What are some of the real world uses for blockchain? How can you take part in this technology wave?

This workshop attempts to answer some of those questions and give you a high level overview of blockchain and Bitcoin, a little on its history, an understanding on the technology behind it and why it has the potential to disrupt our fundamental systems. It also aims to equip you with the some of the jargons around the technology to facilitate your future learnings and blockchain conversations.


Get a high level overview of blockchain and Bitcoin and how they are related.
Learn key concepts and jargons to be able to have a conversation on the blockchain technology.

Get an understanding of the inner workings of blockchain and how it improves over the systems we have today Get to know some of the blockchain applications that are being implemented by other companies.
Learn how you can take part in Bitcoin and know about the security and safety precautions you can take.
Set up your first wallet and get your first bitcoin.

Resources for further exploring the blockchain technology.

The purpose of this workshop is to gain an understanding of the blockchain technology, there will be a topic about ICOs to know what it is about but there will be no speculations on it.


A laptop if possible as there will be sign ups and some small exercises (optional). Please register at least 72 hours before the workshop.

Blockchain and Bitcoin Fundamentals

Learn the key elements of blockchain and bitcoin

What you’ll learn

  • Have a strong understanding of what blockchain technology is.
  • Understand what Bitcoin is and how it works.
  • Know and use key vocabulary and concepts commonly used when discussing blockchain and Bitcoin in business situations.

Key aspects around Blockchain and Bitcoin

  • What is a blockchain?
  • What is Bitcoin?
  • What are smart contracts?
  • What is a cryptocurrency?
  • What are digital tokens?
  • How blockchain and Bitcoin are related and why it’s so important to know the relation.
  • Some common misconceptions about blockchain and Bitcoin.
  • What is the future of blockchain?
  • How to get started with Bitcoin …and much much more!

Who this course is for :

  • The ideal student for this course is someone who wants to quickly understand and expand their knowledge of how blockchain and Bitcoin work as well as how they are applied in business.
  • Business people who want to learn more about how blockchain and Bitcoin are impacting the world of business.
  • This course does not include any code sampling elements, as such it is not meant as a course for developers who wish to learn how to program blockchain applications.

Course Content

1. Introduction

  • Blockchain and Bitcoin

2. Blockchain and Bitcoin Fundamentals

  • What is Blockchain
  • What is Bitcoin
  • The role of Bitcoin Miners
  • Hash Functions
  • Block Hashes
  • How block hash work in a blockchain
  • How a distributed blockchain works

3. Key concepts of Bitcoin

  • The birth of bitcoin
  • The value of Blockchain:
    1. Cryptocurrency
    2. Digital tokens
    3. Smart Contracts
    4. Limitations of Blockchain Technology
    5. Business Use cases of blockchain beyond bitcoin
    6. The four components of Bitcoin
    7. On Forks, transactions and segregated witness (Segwit)
    8. Common misconceptions about blockchain and Bitcoin
    9. What sets the price of Bitcoin

4. Singapore Context

  • Security tokens
  • Utility Tokens
  • Payment Tokens

5. Getting started with Bitcoin

  • Choose your Bitcoin wallet
  • Sending and Receiving bitcoins
  • Store your bitcoins safely
  • Converting Your bitcoins to Fiat currency

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