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Many people ask, what is Bitcoin?  Do you know what is Bitcoin?

Hmm..  Good Question…

Is it a Bubble? A Ponzi? A ….?

Okay, let’s ask the Industry Experts.

So.. what is Bitcoin?

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Awesome!! Now we definitely understand a little better what Bitcoin is.  So it’s actually a Decentralised Currency, meaning to say the monetary system is now controlled by each and everyone of us, instead of how it is currently controlled by the banks / institution.

Wow, that’s interesting!!

And we can even get paid in the process too??

This is amazing!!  And what is that and how is it done?  Basically there are people around the world who sets ups GPUs to run the live codes, consolidating all the datas and transactions happening every second.  So whoever consolidated the codes correctly and fastest in every 10 minutes, they will get paid!! And these people are also called Miners.

Awesome stuff right?  Can’t wait to learn more?  Me too!  Hope to see you on our next event and you may even like to learn from some of the pioneers of Bitcoin, where they will share with you wholeheartedly on what they know about cryptocurrency through their longest years of experience.  Till then, do take care and let’s ride the Crypto Wave!!

See you!! 

How do I contact you or book an event?…

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