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Singapore Bitcoin Club (SBC)

Established since 2015, Singapore Bitcoin Club (SBC) is Singapore’s largest cryptocurrency trading educational community founded with the objective to promote financial literacy and awareness of both the benefits and risks of crypto assets, and advocate practical technical analysis education for consumers for prudent risk management. As cryptocurrencies are largely unregulated instruments, consumers are highly advised to do their due diligence and invest/trade only according to personal risk tolerance level.

Singapore Bitcoin Club is also proud be an industry member and educational partner of Singapore Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Industry Association (ACCESS).

As a community-driven group, we organise regular meetups, seminars and workshops catered for mass public, blockchain and crypto enthusiasts, as well as for investors and traders. Our community team also regularly share market news, fundamental analysis, as well as technical updates of #bitcoin #altcoin#cryptocurrencies #blockchain on our various social media channels.

Educated Investor

Your pathway to taste of the Blockchain and Cryptos Markets. It will determined who you are in the future.

Experienced Investor

Once you know what you know, you venture into different available investment tools and  programs.

Expert Investor

Giving advise and opinion to the community and hodling a various portfoilo of P.E and crypto investments.

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