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What we do

Singapore Bitcoin Club (SBC) was first established in 2015, being Singapore's pioneering crypto-currency trading educational community that was started to promote financial literacy in blockchain assets and practical technical analysis for the public.

The team

Meet the team behind Singapore Bitcoin Club
Caleb Yap

Caleb Yap

All-rounder/SBC founder

Leslie Chan

Leslie Chan

Mining management/Block-chain coach

Peter Guili

Peter Guili

Trading expert/Co-founder


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Singapore Bitcoin Club (SBC) is Singapore's largest cryptocurrency trading educational community that was established to promote financial literacy in crypto-assets and practical technical analysis education for consumers. Singapore Bitcoin Club also is proud to be an industry member and partner of Singapore Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Industry Association (ACCESS.)


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Peter’s TA

12:45 AM – 7 Nov 2017 #Bitcoin $BTC Day Traders may want to play safe to close positions, further downside risk. Investors – Either close & BUY Lower or HODL. 😉 –